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Our Team

Andrew Lambertson

President | Wealth Management

(209) 408-0039

After more than 22 years in retail as a senior manager, Andrew Lambertson transitioned into the financial service industry in 2006. He is fully licensed to offer securities, financial advisory and insurance services to clients. He...

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Rick Danowsky

President | Structured Services

(641) 622-9049

Rick Danowsky is a co-founder of Skyson Financial and heads up the Structured Services division where he has been at the forefront of innovation, helping farmers, business-owners, professional practitioners, and real estate investors...

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Bruce Jaffe

VP Marketing | Structured Services

(209) 408-0039

Bruce Jaffe serves SkySon Financial as VP of Marketing. He is focused on building a broad array of powerful communication tools to help develop strong long-term relationships with key fiduciary advisors including tax accounting...
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