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Structured Sales - Business Sales

Are you a Business Owner thinking about selling your business, but concerned about the enormous impact taxes are going to have on the income you actually keep from the sale?

What about using an installment sale to spread out the payments and “taking back paper” from the seller to secure the deal? But what happens if the buyer defaults? Your entire financial security could be a risk. Or if the buyer decides to accelerate the payoff, you’re right back to having the same tax problem you were originally trying to avoid.

What if there was a tax efficient solution? One that provided the tax deferral strategy you wanted without any risk of buyer default.

What if that solution also provided cash flow flexibility designed to meet your exact needs with any combination of lump sum payments and income streams you wanted?

And, what if those payments were guaranteed and backed by U.S. Treasury Notes?

With a Structured Sale you can have every one of these benefits, as well as enhanced protection from creditors.

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