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Korey Miller

Korey Miller

National Director of Sales

Korey Miller brings a decade of high-level corporate sales success in Financial Services, Technology and Agriculture where he focused on helping Fortune 500 Executives solve operational and budgetary issues. Over the last five years, he has managed a national Agriculture brokerage for larger corporate farms, helping them get the best prices, products, and services for their crop inputs and management practices.

With a tenacious drive, Korey has a passion for helping farmers of all sizes improve their financial foundations and leave stronger legacies to their families. As a Structured Sales Consultant with SkySon Financial, Korey helps clients uncover situations where they can utilize creative Structured Sales strategies to reduce taxes, improve cash flow and strengthen their financial security.

Whether a client is looking to sell Commercial Property, Agriculture Land or Grain, a privately held business or other highly appreciated assets, Korey is ready to help financial advisors determine the most effective Structured Sales strategy to enable their clients to achieve their goals.

Korey is not affiliated with Founders Financial Securities, LLC.

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